RBM5, RBM6, RBM10 CLIP-Seq data analysis

UCSC tracks for the RBM read clusters, 5fold enriched over control (or with 4 or more reads), and outside repeats:

RBM clusters (5fold) not in repeats

UCSC tracks for the RBM read clusters, not in Control and outside repeats:

RBM clusters (not in Control) not in repeats

Separated tracks from each experiment:

Since the files above are very large (for RBM6 and RBM10), we give here the links only for the read clusters that overlap with gene loci. As gene set we have used the complete gene set tested in the array experiment:

Separated track for the regulated exons (exon cassettes from EST/mRNA evidence) that have RBM clusters (from the above set not in Control) on the exons:

Regulated exons with (not in control) clusters

UCSC tracks with the regulated exons (exon cassette) that have RBM clusters on the exons and/or in the flanking 300nt. These links include the previous tracks as well.

Array data analysis

The following files are the result of the HJAY splicing array analysis and are now submitted to GEO (GSE47431)

Metadata, protocols, and data analysis methods are described in the following Excel spreadsheet: GEO submission XLS file

Processed and RMA normalized intensity data for the Affymetrix array probesets is here: GEO submission tab delimited file

Analysis results from GenoSplice containing all relevant gene and exon level data, used during downstream analysis:

CEL files for the Affymetrix array, containing the raw data: